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Manager Memo, a weekly podcast focused business and the management functions of Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Evaluating. From time to time we will post selected episodes relevant to the topic of Leadership

Leadership Podcasts

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Bias for Action

Military Fellows from the Security Studies Program of M.I.T. share their views on leadership or, as they state, "what right looks like." Their philosophy of leadership, grounded in dignity and respect offers lessons for all.

Note: the views of these military officers do not represent the views of their branch of service nor the opinions of the Dept of Defense.


The Meaning of No 

Dr. Greg Susla, retired pharmacist with more than 45 years of experience in the profession shares a unique perspective on the meaning and impact of "NO." Organizational effectiveness and team morale suffers and employee attrition increases.

Dr. Susla's career includes service as the ICU pharmacist at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD and volunteer work as the National Naval Medical Center.


Set Up: Timeless Leadership Skills

Mark Noon, author, executive coach, and motivational speaker shares leadership tips.


He explains the importance of deliberate planning, individual development, consistent communication, and a healthy dose of fun. Along the way he describes the significance of giant crossword puzzles and water-pistols.


Take a "Minute to Begin It." You won't regret the time spent.


Check out Mark at


Diversity, Digital Transformation & Hiring Veterans

Len Samborowski moved up the ranks to become a Colonel in the U.S. Army. Realizing he would not become a General, he retired after 30 years. Transitioning to civilian life led him to an assistant football coach position and later a college professor, but it did not come without challenges. In this episode, Len shares why a veteran’s knowledge of the latest technologies, experience being around different people, and a mission-focused work ethic can serve businesses well.


Mission First- People Always

The Military Fellows of the Security Studies Program (SSP) of MIT provide their views on leadership and service to others.

USMC Lieutenant Colonel, John Black; USAF Lieutenant Colonel, Brian Novchich; US Navy Commander Trevor Prouty;  Army Colonel Molly Solsbury and Army Colonel Scott Synowiez speak from the collective wisdom of over 100 years of military service and dozens on deployments into hostile zones.

These American heroes offer that leadership is about others and explain why. A profoundly important listen. 


Meaningful Leadership

Dr. Joel Schlesinger, a scholar, author, and award-winning organizational leader, provides perspective of the context that surrounds leadership.

Using the historical heroes of his book, (Risk-takers: American Leaders in Desperate Times) Joel describes the traits and character of Washington, Lincoln, Lee, FDR, and Katharine Graham that manifest in response to crises.

Schlesinger’s discourse provides valuable amplification on the art of achieving results.


Your Vibe is Your Tribe

Phil Pelucha, the creative force behind Billionaires in Boxers, explains how the authentic media of podcasting can be your VIP backstage pass to “level up” your business network.

In a rapid-fire interview, Phil suggests that with the right mentorship, you can build international credibility for domestic dominance.

He also laments on the struggles of Liverpool F.C., his hometown team, currently 8th in the Premier League. 

Try to keep up!


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