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Logo Explained

The LukeLeaders1248 logo is comprised of several images and messages.

1248 - a reference to the 12th chapter, verse 48 of the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament. My reading of Luke 12:48 is "To those whom much is given, much is expected." I have been given much in my personal life - good health, opportunities, a great family and a comfortable salary. Accordingly, I expect much from myself. I try to pay forward my blessings.

The flight of birds - the most significant achievements are accomplished by groups of committed individuals working in collaboration. Like a formation of birds, the group benefits from the drafting effect of formation of flight. The group members on the flanks experience more lift and fight less drag from the group dynamics. Like a formation of birds, sometimes the leader is in the front, leading the way and breaking through heavy turbulence, and sometimes that leader tires and falls back in formation, allowing another member of the group to take flight as group lead.

Size and Shape - you will note the birds of the logo vary in shape and size. This symbolizes the need for diversity in a team. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. No one size fits all situations and the best teams represent a cross section of talents and experiences.

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